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hats 10 panorama drawing
  • Hats for Silos
  • 40, -82
silo hats 10 square drawing

Hats for Silos

Hats a showcase in which silos are sporting this season’s hottest headwear. These silos come to us as familiar yet mysterious structures, never intended for human occupation, often standing tall and alone in an open field. Their purpose is strictly utilitarian, so beyond stacked striation, the generic cylinders they wear lack expression.

This drawing series is a story of possible second-lives for these lonely structures. They are no longer used as utilitarian spaces of storage but now have their own personalities based on a new architectural appropriation. As the Hat is the one piece of clothing a silo can wear to express her new identity, it must take shape as an anomaly that invites wonder and curiosity about what is going on beyond her basic facade.